About Us

Robertson County Water Supply Corporation is a member-owned nonprofit rural water system established in 1972.  It was originally organized to provide water for the rural homes in the county that had no choice but to rely on personal wells.  Today we serve over 1400 families in Robertson County with three active wells across approximately 500 miles of water line.  Our water source is the Simsboro aquifer.  Our mission is to provide safe and reliable drinking water to all we serve, and to serve all we can.

We are not a department in our county government as our name might suggest, and we do not receive money from a tax base.  Our only source of income is water sales which is used for the operation and maintenance of the water system, and to retire our federal loans.

Because of the interest and development in our area due to schools and location, our county is experiencing tremendous growth.  Growth is a positive thing for our water system.  The more members we have to share in the costs of operation, the longer we can maintain water rates without an increase.  Growth also presents challenges to our current infrastructure.  Our plants are strained and generally over capacity for connections along with our aging and undersized water lines. 

Over the years our Board of Directors has approved many positive system improvements that have made it possible to continue service to areas in the county already served.  We still have a need for larger infrastructure to be able to provide for current members and future growth.  A new plant site and many miles of line replacement are being planned to meet the future demands of the water system. 

Robertson County Water Supply Corporation